How Auto Dealers 46x Their Spend | Snack-Size AI Ep. 6


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Converting OpportunitiesSnack-Size AI
Published 07/22/22
2 minutes read

Dealerships that use Conversica AI Assistants for Auto Sales and Service average 46x ROI. What exactly makes Conversation Automation so powerful for the automotive industry? Joe Ferrazzo, Sr Director of Product Management for all things automotive, explains the factors driving dealerships’ need for AI.




If you’re not using Conversica Conversational AI Assistants for Automotive, you really should be, because you’re gonna be missing out on an opportunity to make yourself and your dealership look great.

From a business perspective, anywhere from 4 to 6x ROI is really a green light to go ahead and make the decision to move forward. We’re talking 46x ROI here. So that is unheard of, right?

There are a lot of reasons that dealers should be using these Assistants. The first one is that 92% of consumers are researching online. That means that they’re looking for information, they’re getting quotes and these buyers are likely to purchase. So you really want to be out in front and answer these questions.

But the problem is the dealerships can’t handle all of these inquiries all by themselves, and they can’t hire enough salespeople to handle it either. So that’s where Conversica comes in. Our AI Assistants handle 100% of the lead coverage and hand off every inquiry to the sales people and also hand off a lead when it’s hot and the customer’s ready to buy.

The second thing I would say is that 59% of car buyers today are not contacted after they purchase a vehicle. And that’s a huge missed service opportunity. So with Conversica’s Service AI Assistant, it is gonna go ahead and preschedule appointments when a customer purchases a car.

That’s huge because people are busy. People forget, right? So you can let the AI Assistant handle that and get out in front of it and schedule those appointments. It’s gonna save a lot of time. It’s also gonna keep the dealership front of mind and take opportunities away from competitors.

One last thing I would say is that when Conversica is installed on the dealership system, it’s looking back 27 months for people that have previously purchased and it’s scheduling those appointments also.

So with this lookback, they’re staying ahead of those customers, scheduling those appointments out, and making sure that those opportunities don’t fall through the cracks.

We’re covering all of the leads. We’re making sure that the leads that are interested in purchasing are handed off. It’s just really making the operation run more efficiently.

You know, happier customers, more sales, more revenue. That’s where the 46x ROI comes from.

Learn more about Conversica AI Assistants for Automotive Sales and Service.

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